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Our Mission

MarkovML's Mission is to Empower Enterprises to Harness The Transformative Power of Their Data Through AI and Boost Their Business Growth.

We aim to empower knowledge workers within organizations using no-code AI tools, enabling them to enhance their traditional workflows with AI, thus freeing them to focus on more strategic and creative tasks that move business forward.

Our innovative, collaborative AI platform enables enterprises to get deeper data insights, build and automate AI workflows, and collaborate effortlessly to make informed data-driven decisions and reach their goals faster.

Our Story

We Make Machine learning Accessible and Collaborative

“Our story at MarkovML began with the idea of unlocking the potential of AI and machine learning across various domains. We set on a mission to empower tech teams to create ethical and reliable AI products by creating a data centric AI platform. This makes machine learning accessible and collaborative for all teams, enabling the power of data to drive value for their businesses.

We work towards a future where AI is not just reserved for experts, but a tool that can be leveraged by anyone with a vision and a problem to solve.”

Vivek Vaidya

CEO and Co-founder

Our Offering

Analyze, create, automate, and collaborate on our data-centric AI Platform

A no-code platform enabling AI/ML teams gain deeper insights from their data, streamline ML workflows, and collaborate seamlessly. Dive into the world of responsible and impactful AI with MarkovML today!

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Data Intelligence & Management

No-code, few clicks, and a drag-and-drop solution to analyze data and do effortless data management.

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Responsible AI Evaluators

Assess the effectiveness of LLMs, classical ML models, and bias. Responsibly and efficiently maximize the value derived from AI.

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Generative AI Applications

Utilize our no-code GenAI app builder and drag-and-drop interface to develop Gen AI applications.

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AI/ML Team Collaboration

A solution to your unorganized and siloed information; unfurl your AI/ML team's potential and transform how they communicate and work.

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Connect, Learn, Collaborate and Grow With The MarkovML Community

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