Find the best datasets, models, metrics, and analyses across your ML projects using Smart Search. Enable various stakeholders to identify and diagnose model behavior and performance rapidly.


Unify stakeholders on a single platform. Organize discussions and decisions into an interactive dashboard that provides instant lookback and total recall for relevant ML model & dataset metrics.


Use insights, metrics, and business KPIs from datasets and models across multiple projects to make informed, data-driven decisions and build radically better products.

Feature Summary


Organize all your data in one place and enable seamless collaboration within ML teams. Markov’s Data Vitals provides a System of Intelligence built on top of a searchable System of Record for all your ML datasets.


Identify the right ML model for your business. Markov’s Model Evaluation Graph allows you to evaluate your models using a combination of standard machine learning metrics and custom, business-specific objectives.


Ensure ethical behavior, detect bias, identify data & model drift, and ensure alignment with business KPIs with Markov’s always-on monitoring of models in production.

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