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Data aAI. Faster

Data aGen AI Faster

Transform Your Data into Enduring AI Edge

Drag, drop, and launch AI-powered workflows and applications to unlock the true potential of your data—no AI expertise required.

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Impacts of using MarkovML

Supercharge Your Data to AI Journey Today With Our Data-Centric AI Platform

Without MarkovML

  • Weeks to create, automate data workflows

  • Days to get data insights to make decisions

  • Manually cobble disjointed solutions to manage data, run analysis, and build AI apps

  • Teams work in silos hampering collaboration

  • Takes weeks to train the models

  • Need engineers to host and manage models

With MarkovML

  • No-code workflow builder and templates.

  • Actionable insights with AI in minutes

  • All tools for managing data, running AI powered analytics and build hosted AI apps in one place

  • All stakeholders on one collaborative platform

  • Create quality AI models in a few clicks

  • Host models as web applications in a single click

What is in it for you and your team?

AI Enabled Data Analysis

Quickly analyze text-based datasets just in a few clicks using AI without code.


Build & Host AI Application

Build and host interactive AI Apps using our no-code app builder

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Automate Data Workflows

Create automated workflows using our intuitive drag-n-drop workflow builder.

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Data-centric AI solution for all

Embrace MarkovML’s power of
Data Intelligence, Gen AI Apps and ML Workflows

Knowledge Workers

Empower your knowledge workers with a suite of no-code AI tools so they can unlock unparalleled productivity and leverage their expertise to unlock an enduring AI advantage for your enterprise.

Data Scientists

Give your data science team tools to build better models faster. MarkovML enables you to easily measure data quality, quickly label datasets, and manage the complete model life cycle from experimentation to production.

Deeper insights into our product features

Data to Intelligence Faster

Data Intelligence & Management

  • Organize all your ML data in one place and unleash its full potential with our intelligent data cataloging.

  • Effortlessly enhance governance and gain a deeper data insight using our AI enabled data analyzers.

  • Measure data quality and generate detailed visual analytics reports for informed decision making.

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Data to Intelligence Faster

Generative AI Apps

  • Empower your data experts with MarkovML’s no-code Gen AI app builder.

  • Experience effortless data management, enhanced data governance, and improved data understanding, empowering enterprises to harness the full potential of their data.

  • We prioritize data governance, privacy, and security so that you can focus on turning data into actionable intelligence today!

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Data to Intelligence Faster

ML Workflows

  • Say goodbye to scattered information, siloed knowledge, and disconnected communication. Effortlessly build intricate data workflows with our user-friendly interface.

  • Fasten your data operations with pre-built templates. Reuse and share your customized workflows.

  • Automate tasks, schedule workflows, and minimize errors.

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Don’t Take Our Word For It

Our customers share how our platform is delivering transformative, cost-effective, and value-driven outcomes.

MarkovML creates an infrastructure that, with minimal effort, enables us to develop deep insights into our data and models. These insights help us better understand our data and build confidence in the quality of our labelling.

Their team is consistently releasing substantial new features that complement our work. Development of these features frees us to focus on where we add the most value to our clients”.

Ram Ben-David

Data Scientist @Spectrum Labs

Data Security

MarkovML Is Secure By Design

Get Started with MarkovML
Get Started with MarkovML

Advanced API Security

Benefit from rotating access keys and OAuth for robust protection against unauthorized access.

Encryption Standards

Comprehensive encryption of data, both at rest and in transit, guarantees security and privacy of sensitive information.

Full Traceability

Monitor and track activities with detailed logs, including timestamps, user IDs,  IP addresses, and authentication methods.

Private Cloud Deployment

Operate MarkovML within your private cloud (VPC) for maximum control and security.

SOC2 Compliance

Reinforcing our dedication to security excellence, coming soon.

Collaborate with Data Experts on all Things AI

Join the MarkovML community, expand your network, attend insightful events, and stay at the forefront of all AI developments.

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