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Easily organize, visualize, and interact with your data to make informed
business decisions faster—no coding or AI expertise needed.

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Organize Your Data

Ensure swift access and comprehensive traceability with smart cataloging.

Understand Your Data

Auto-analyze, visualize and interact with your data for deeper understanding.

Build One-Click AutoML Apps

Create an AutoML app with one click and  integrate it into your business workflow using APIs.


Bring Your Data from Any Source

Seamlessly integrate with Markov Connectors to fetch data from any source—Google Drive,
Microsoft Drive, LMS, Amazon S3, Snowflake, BigQuery, Aurora, Salesforce, HubSpot,
Google Analytics, and more—for unified data access and reuse.

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Maximize Your Data Potential

Organize, Understand, and Build a One-Click AutoML App.

Organize Your Data

  • Data Management: Organize your data from disparate sources in one centralized location, streamlining data management & accessibility.
  • Data Discovery: Effortlessly find and retrieve your data with our smart search feature, which identifies relevant information across sources based on your specified attributes.
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Understand Your Data

  • Uncover Data Insights: Instantly draw actionable insights from structured and unstructured data with auto-analyses. Visualize data through interactive graphs and organize your analysis into collaborative reports, saving you hours of analysis and reporting.
  • Interact with Your Data: Ask questions in plain English and receive instant visual answers. Transform these queries into well-organized, automated structured reports- effortlessly.
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Build AutoML Apps

  • Instantly Create a 1-Click App: Turn your data into a robust hosted AI application with just one click. Interact with a user-friendly UI or connect with other applications using a scalable API to meet enterprise demands.
  • Integrate to Your Workflow: Seamlessly embed AI trained on your data into your business workflows, enhancing productivity without additional IT overhead.
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