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January 4 Product Update: Enhancements for Datasets, Model Apps, and Snippets.

January 4, 2024
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Welcome to 2024! Our latest release is packed with the following exciting updates.

SDK update

We have made a significant change to our authentication systems. Therefore, you must update from the v1.x to v2.x.

🚧Update SDK version to v2.x
Please update SDK to latest version. Refer Upgrade MarkovML SDK .
We have also deprecated previous versions of SDK as they are not compatible with the new authentication system

Datasets by Markov

1. Updated chart colors and improved output from some analyzers

We have updated the chart format and colors for better aesthetics and understanding. We have also improved the topic model results to display human-readable topics with explanations, which makes it easier to identify different themes within your dataset.

Updated Chart Colours

2. Embeddings for Non-Text type datasets are now available!

Vector Analyzer has been enhanced to enable the vectorization of categorical, tabular, or numerical datasets. It can also cluster the datasets using clustering algorithms such as KMeans.

For example, the popular Iris dataset can be represented in vector format. Additionally, the vector view allows the creation of subsets of the data for further analysis.

Enhanced Vector Analyzer

3. Search on Embeddings of Text type datasets.

We have introduced contextual search functionality to help you easily find similar records within your text datasets. Support for non-textual data is forthcoming!

Contextual Search Functionality

Model Apps by Markov

1. Classify file using Baseline classifier.

You now have the option to upload a file to the baseline classifier UI and download the results. This feature makes it easy to classify many records without writing any code. You don't have to worry about setting up any models or managing infrastructure, as everything is taken care of.

Baseline Classifier

Snippets by Markov

1. Added a unified share button

We have introduced a unified share button in the Snippets for sharing with people within and outside your workspace. You can also share snippets as a link on social media or embed them within your work documents.

Unified Share Button

2. Table of contents in Snippets

We have introduced a table of contents in snippets to make browsing content easier. Adding a backtick (`) after creating a snippet shows the table of contents on the left.

Table of Content

Performance Improvements & Bug fixes

We have improved the performance of our vector analysis and fixed several bugs throughout the product for a smoother user experience.

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