Content Reimagined

Accessible, Adaptable, and Engaging

Document AI

  • Effortlessly convert old documents into digital files using AI, extracting text, images, diagrams, and more for streamlined digitization.
  • Enhance learning experiences with improved content searchability, storage efficiency, and reusability, while fostering interactive learning through features like instant assessments and interactive chat.
  • Maximize the value of existing educational materials by leveraging Document AI, facilitating access, usability, and interactivity for educators and learners.
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Supplement Generator

  • Transform long-form content into engaging instructional materials, offering interactive PowerPoint slides, quizzes, and auto-graded assessments.
  • Automate assessment grading to free up instructors for curriculum development and personalized student engagement.
  • Enhance the learning experience with interactive supplements and efficient grading processes.
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Copy Edit & Content QA

  • Tailored solutions include DEI checks, gender neutrality checks, bias detection, and cultural sensitivity analysis.
  • Real-time collaboration enables seamless interaction among multiple editors, aided by AI-generated custom style guides.
  • Streamlined content creation empowers SMEs to produce exceptional content with optimized tone, style, accuracy, and readability.
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Scale Your Redundant Tasks With MarkovML’s
EdTech AI Solutions

Embrace the Gen AI approach to improve student management and retention, explore faster editing and assessment, and perform predictive analysis to mitigate dropouts and upcoming risks.