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ML Student Pioneers

Be a part of an exclusive, hand-selected group of students helping build a machine learning student community. ML Pioneers have excellent communication skills, attend top-tier educational institutions, have taken machine learning coursework, and are interested in the field of ML.

As an ML Pioneer, you'll be compensated for your work while also build your resume, network with current and future ML companies & leaders worldwide, and get cool swag and gift cards.

What does it mean to be an ML pioneer?

As an ML Pioneer, you are part of a small group of students who have been hand-selected to help build our product and grow our community.

Play a direct role in our product development

Participate in small online and offline group sessions to provide feedback about the MarkovML product, including experiences within the product that will enhance your college work. You'll also have the opportunity to test drive MarkovML with actual coursework.

Become an ML community leader

Be recognized as a community leader by building a platform around your ML skills. You'll gain exposure with efforts such as producing courses and tutorials, creating datasets and models, sharing ML insights, and much more. Your content will expose you to other ML leaders across the globe, offering opportunities for greater exposure to internships and first jobs.

Inspire others and develop soft skills

Build a community of ML practitioners by teaching and sharing MarkovML with others. You'll be responsible for creating and managing user groups online and worldwide, teaching MarkovML through workshops, courses, and webinars, and hosting virtual events and hackathons. As a result of this work, you'll have firsthand experience developing your professional and managerial soft skills.

Why you should join?

Our ML Pioneers are paid for their work


Learn, teach and share machine learning through MarkovML in ways that can make you stand out in this emerging AI space.


Equip yourself and other users to support their goals and solve ML challenges with a fun and rewarding experience.


Create and manage student user groups where you'll share and curate machine learning content and best practices.


Gain experiences and exposure to future internship and job opportunities.

"It has been a truly enriching experience with loads of new learnings and challenges. I was able to hone my skills while learning new ones."

Harshwardhan Prasad
International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad

"I got a new perspective on problem solving and key soft skills required with a clearer view of what it meant to be in the professional world."

Ashita Boyina
Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi

"This was the right kickstart for my experience in the startup world. It helped me realize my true potential. I learned new skills and team collaboration"

Akshat Akshat
International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad

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