EdTech AI for Faster Content Generation
and Better Student Management

A purpose-built AI platform designed for forward-looking educational institutions
to create personalized student experiences at scale, significantly enhancing educational outcomes.

Student Support and Enrollment

Analyze, Plan and Succeed
  • Identify at-risk students and provide personalized recommendations for support. Educators receive comprehensive analysis to develop personalized development plans, fostering student retention and success.
  • Implement AI coaches for student support and AI companions for educators, scaling personalized learning experiences.
  • Utilize predictive enrollment insights to forecast trends and make data-backed decisions. Provide customized support throughout the application process for improved enrollment outcomes.
  • Access a clear view of institutional performance, progress, and insights for informed planning and growth strategies.
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Content Reimagined

Accessible, Adaptable, and Engaging
  • Extend content accessibility by adapting materials into multiple languages and formats, ensuring tailored learning experiences for students.
  • Transform legacy materials into dynamic digital resources through Document AI, catering to diverse learning preferences and maximizing content value.
  • Combine AI-driven content creation with human-in-the-loop quality assurance processes to produce high-quality educational content.
  • Streamline content creation processes by integrating AI tools and human expertise, optimizing efficiency while maintaining focus on quality.
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Empowering Educators to Revolutionize Learning with MarkovML's EdTech AI

Embrace the Gen AI approach to improve student management and retention, explore faster editing and assessment, and perform predictive analysis to mitigate dropouts and upcoming risks.